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The Loneliest Generation

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Gen Z can scarcely remember a time before social media promised to make the world more open and connected. Yet today it stands as the loneliest generation alive.Nearly two-thirds of ADDitude readers ages 18 to 29 report feeling lonely “always” or “often,” according to a new survey of 4,170 adults with ADHD.

Living or working with others made little difference; 89 percent of these young adults say they feel lonely even then. Only 19 percent say social media makes them feel more connected.

In contrast, 46 percent of people ages 68 to 77—the demographic traditionally associated with social isolation — reported the same levels of loneliness.“My ADHD makes it hard to remember to reach out or respond,” wrote one 28-year-old woman with inattentive ADHD, “but rejection sensitive dysphoria hits hard when I’m not reached out to or responded to, even though I acknowledge that hypocrisy.

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