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The Lie of Inadequacy

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to get to our truth.The Lie of Inadequacy. It goes like this… “You were born defective, not good enough, flawed.” Nooo! Erase erase.

Blow it UP. And while you’re at it, bury the concept of original sin.This big lie could translate to, “You were born a girl… you incarnated into the wrong caste… or the wrong neighbourhood… or you love someone who you apparently should not love.” (Who shouldn’t be loved?)The Lie of Inadequacy is pervasive.

It’s how advertisers make their money, it’s the patriarchal framework, it’s religious doctrine gone very wrong. We can inherit the lie—like a genetic story of “unworthiness” that gets baked into our DNA.What’s it like to go through life thinking you’re not quite enough—defective, flawed?

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