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The Founder of Fangirl Sports Network on Feminist Allyship and Dealing with Internet Trolls

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, highlighting women in sports.“We’ve made tremendous strides in the sports industry for women… but I didn’t feel like there was content that spoke to women, and let women be fans how they wanted to be,” Sandler says. “There was a lot of gear that was only pink.

I happen to love pink… but not every woman does.”In this episode of , Sandler tells SUCCESS’ Madison Pieper about standing her ground when men challenge her expertise, the role of male allies in in sports, and not taking trolls personally (or trying not to.)It’s tough being a woman in a male-dominated field—or on one, as is the case in football.

Although Sandler says that 90% of the men she’s met in her career have been supportive and welcoming, the other 10% think they have the right to challenge her expertise purely because she’s a woman.“You say, ‘I’m a Bears fan,’ [and he responds,] ‘Oh, really?

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