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The Founder of Bite Toothpaste Is on a Zero-Waste Mission, But She Never Intended to Disrupt the Oral Care Industry

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I’m the one who should do something about this.For Lindsay McCormick, founder and CEO of Bite, it was the not-so-small problem of plastic waste, specifically the colossal amount of empty toothpaste tubes we toss out each year.

To address, she would need to take on the monumental task of changing the way people brush their teeth, something most of us have been doing a specific way for generations.

Making the challenge all the more impressive, McCormick wasn’t a dentist or a chemist or a scientist of any kind. She was a 30-something TV producer living the dream in California.And still she thought, I’m the one who should do something about this.McCormick has always had a passion for sustainability and a love of the outdoors.

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