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The Everygirl’s Guide to PCOS

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career goals, side hustles, families, and relationships. And if you’re one of the five million US women of child-bearing years affected by polycystic ovary syndrome (AKA PCOS), throw in having to manage symptoms like irregular periods, excess body hair, weight gain, and acne, leading to shame, frustration, and isolation, and in some cases, anxiety and depression.While PCOS affects 4-20% of women of reproductive age worldwide (and is more prevalent among Women of Color), it has yet to be recognized as an important global health problem.

What’s more, its prevalence, diagnosis, and management remain some of the most confusing factors of PCOS. But thanks to celebrities like Keke Palmer and Victoria Beckham and the #pcoswarrior community openly sharing their personal experiences with PCOS and demonstrating the importance of prioritizing self-care and self-advocacy, there is now a greater awareness of the disorder and its typical symptoms.

More good news: I asked PCOS specialist and hormone expert Dr. Anna Arabyan to give us a crash course on PCOS. Without further ado, The Everygirl’s guide to everything you need to know about PCOS.

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