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The Delicious Way I Simplified My Wellness Routine for 2021

 It’s difficult enough to get in a healthy breakfast, so forget about a breakfast based on my nutritional needs. As a lifelong vegetarian, healthy fats are pretty easy to get in my diet (I eat avocado on everything), complex carbs are a no-brainer (I could write a love letter to chickpea pasta and cauliflower crust pizza), and veggies are the base of every meal.

Getting enough protein, on the other hand, has always been a challenge. Powders are an easy way to sneak in some protein, so I’ve tried just about every powder on the market; most were chalky, tasted bad, or were full of processed ingredients.

Plus, don’t even get me started again on the hassle of pulling out the blender (you know what I’m talking about!). So my greatest health.

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