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“The Day My Hyperactive Toddler Aced His ADHD Test”

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Soon after my toddler was diagnosed with ADHD (and with an extremely high score), we were told to expect a home visit from Cal, the child psychologist who would teach us behavior management strategies to use with Kip.

Though my son’s diagnosis left us downcast, scared, and uncertain about the future, we at least had vital information. And knowing that a behavior management plan was in the works made me feel I was not navigating entirely in the dark.In the weeks leading up to his first home visit, Cal asked us to keep a diary of Kips’ behaviors.

But I couldn’t do it. I really tried, but it was impossible.I tried to explain this to Cal, who listened sympathetically and patiently as I timidly handed him 25 pages of illegible scribble.

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