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The ‘Blame’ for Mental Disorders Lies More on Our Broken Society Than Chemical Imbalance

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Recently, I’ve been meditating on a line from Netflix’s “The OA,” a show that was canceled much too soon but which had a profound effect on me.

The line itself is a paraphrase of a quote from philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti, and it goes like this: Think about it. We often consider our mental health to be separate from our environmental and social factors.

Sure, we might feel depressed because we are lonely, but loneliness is a symptom of a wider problem. The same goes for trauma; we can be well-adjusted after experiencing trauma — we can receive trauma therapy and take our medication as prescribed — yet we live in a society that allows these traumas to occur without wider systemic reform, a society where a woman is raped every two minutes and where we place the blame on the victim, not on the rapist.

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