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The Best ADDitude Research of 2022

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By surveying more than 1,500 women with diagnosed and undiagnosed ADHD, ADDitude sought to understand the complicated ways in which menopause impacts ADHD, and vice versa.

Some key takeaways include:“I was good at masking and worked really hard to stay on top of things as a child, teenager, young adult, and young mother,” wrote one mother of four who is 64. “In my late 40s, no amount of hard work could cover up the struggles.”Telehealth services surged in popularity during the pandemic due to lockdowns, extended waiting periods with providers, and relaxed federal regulations for prescribing stimulants and other medications remotely.

In a survey on ADHD treatment during the pandemic, ADDitude learned the following about readers’ experiences with telehealth services like Cerebral, Teledoc, and ADHD Online:“I had a revolving door of care providers — three in the three months that I used the service,” wrote a 56-year-old reader who used Cerebral. “Their motto seemed to be: Take one Adderall a day and call me never.”Two years after the WHO declared a pandemic, ADDitude took stock of how readers with ADHD have fared during the crisis and reflected on the results of 15 different surveys taken since April 2020.

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