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The 6 Reasons You’re Always Late for Everything

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Toni can feel the knot in her neck as she sits in traffic. She is running late for work (again), and she’s heading to a project meeting, for which she is unprepared.

Lately, she’s been losing patience with the kids more easily, and she seems to have no time to just enjoy being with them. Feeling rushed, like Toni?

Here are time-management strategies that adults with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) can use to slow down, get better organized, and end chronic lateness.One reason people with ADHD feel rushed is that they habitually try to cram in “one more thing,” the additional task that so often derails plans.One-more-thing-itis is a form of distractibility — the phone rings, you answer it, you notice that the table needs to be

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