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The 3 Types of Scars I’ve Experienced in My Life With Bipolar Disorder

I was a clumsy child and I am a clumsy adult, so I have lots of scars. They can be categorized into three types. 1. Accidental scars. These are the ones that resulted from my clumsiness.

I have a huge scar on the inside of my left leg from tripping over a metal milk box. (For the youngsters among you, this was the box where empty milk bottles were placed and full milk bottles took their place.) Back in the day, you didn’t go to the emergency room for injuries like that, so the scar remains jagged and irregular, coursing across my inner thigh like a river.

There’s also a scar on my right foot from the time I dropped a Coke bottle on it. (Yes, this was during the era when Coke bottles were made of glass.

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