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The 10 Best Books for Relationships

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? Take a look at these 10 books on relationships and discover how to do anything from cultivating new ones to improving—or pruning—the ones you have.By Melissa UrbanBalance is important in relationships—but sometimes, we self-sacrifice or easily capitulate, and that balance becomes skewed.

Once we’re used to a certain way of living, it’s often difficult to break ourselves out of that pattern—even if it’s for our own benefit.

That’s why Whole30 co-founder and author Melissa Urban is here to help you in your life and relationships. Full of pre-written scripts, advice and techniques for communicating your needs, avoiding pressure from those around you and setting boundaries that serve your well-being, The Book of Boundaries provides an invaluable guide for those who need to learn how to say no.By Brené BrownOur emotions and experiences are integral to who we are and how we interact with others, but that doesn’t mean we need to stay stagnant in our negativity.

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