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The #1 Way Coaches Are Pushing Clients Away

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Congratulations! You posted your latest offer on social media (along with some other top-notch content). You’ve been working on this idea for weeks, and now the moment has arrived.

You sit back and wait for the messages to pour in—only, nothing happens. No pings. No comments. Barely even a like if it weren’t for your best friend and that creepy guy who stalks your profile.After a few days of putting your offer out there and having zip for sales, you question everything. “Did I say the right thing?”“Is something wrong with my offer?”“Do people just not want what I have?”“Does my audience not like me or trust me?”These are just a few of the questions that can take coaches down a dark spiral because they miss an important but simple truth.Owning a coaching business is tough.

Having an excellent service isn’t enough to drive sales. As a coach, you have to learn the business side of things so that you can do the actual coaching with real clients.

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