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Termination in Therapy: The Art of Gently Letting Clients Go

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working phase and the termination phase and the shift toward the process of ending therapy (Joyce et al., 2007).This article examines how to plan for termination and what questions and activities can help ensure we meet the client’s needs.Unlike our day-to-day relationships, we expect therapy to have a clear and definite ending.That said, for the client, it can entail a sense of loss of attachment with the therapist and who they represent (Fragkiadaki & Strauss, 2012).If termination is abrupt, it may leave both therapist and client with unanswered questions and feelings of “anxiety, sadness, and anger” (Fragkiadaki & Strauss, 2012).And yet, when the therapeutic relationship and outcome are seen as positive by the client, termination can be.

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