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Teenage in the Time of Coronavirus

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My 16-year-old son just told me he’s been keeping a list of all of the movies he’s watched since the stay-home order began on our city. “It’s 38,” he offers, scrolling through a note on his phone. “And that’s not counting ones I’ve re-watched.” I listen and offer a tepid smile, aware of the competing voices inside my head and the potential responses they might offer.

The Taskmaster is not so pleased, clucking her tongue as she asks, “That’s nice, but have you cleaned the bathroom yet?” The Homeschool Teacher (a role all parents have been unofficially assigned) anxiously wonders, “That’s a lot of movies…do I need to check that you’re actually getting your homework done?” The Über Mom in me asserts her over-caffeinated self, “But what about

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