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“Taming the Beast: How I Broke My ADHD Distractibility”

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How did that get there? I wonder. Did someone accidentally bump it off the wall? Throw something at it? They couldn’t have done it on purpose.

So many possibilities! It then dawns on me that I have once again become distracted. My brain is jumping around way too much to focus.Living with ADHD is not easy.

It impacts practically every aspect of life — school, work, relationships, and beyond. For me, distractions have been an enduring source of frustration, luring me away from a task and snapping shut when it’s caught me, preventing my escape and my ability to get much of anything done in a timely manner.Though I’ve been a victim to distraction many a time, I’ve also been the distraction.[Get This Free Download: How to Focus (When Your Brain.

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