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Losing Confidence in What You Do? 4 Steps to Regain Confidence

It’s also not your fault. So many factors contribute to losing confidence. An article in Psychology Today points to everything from genetic makeup to life experiences to media messages as reasons why we may be losing confidence.So, what can we do when we’re losing confidence? The answer is “a lot.”Below are four simple steps that have restored confidence quickly in the people I coach, and I know they’ll help you do the same.Knowing why you’re losing confidence is key to reversing that downward spiral and not only getting your confidence back but also strengthening it in the process.So, take the time to become aware of your environment, your thoughts, your behaviors, and your relationships so that you can identify the negative influences that need to be addressed.For example:Asking yourself these questions and getting answers will help you to begin to break free from whoever and whatever is dragging you down.I know.

This sounds either too simple or a bit daunting and maybe even scary. But I promise you that all the people I have coached have found it to be empowering. This is, quite simply, taking inventory of yourself.

So, take out a sheet of paper. Write down the years you’ve been alive.You can start at any age and focus on individual years or group years in increments of five or ten years. It doesn’t matter how you go about doing this.

It only matters that you get real with yourself when you do.Humans tend to remember and reflect more on the negatives in life—past traumas, unfavorable experiences, perceived failures. So, for this exercise, you want to force yourself to write down things you have done in your past that have gotten you to where you are today.No moment is too small. No judgments and no cherry-picking.

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