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3 Simple Steps to Rewire Your Brain to Create the Life You Want

Humans are hardwired to avoid and escape pain.As such, we seek the fastest, most efficient route to avoid and escape. We seek short-term fixes in lieu of long-term solutions and inner peace.When our lives are unfulfilling, when we know we’re not filling our full potential, when we ask, “Is this all there is?” or “Aren’t I meant for more?”, we’re experiencing pain. Our soul’s deepest desire is to create meaning; it’s intrinsic to us. One of the ways we create meaning is to pursue our life’s calling, fueled by our mission. I delineate the two as:A Life’s Calling is the task (writing, speaking, teaching, composing, sculpting, etc.).The mission is the why (serving something more significant than ourselves).Combined, they are the energy that shoots us out of bed each morning and that we’re willing to put it all on the line for. The pain we experience, the angst, the frustration, the disillusionment, the sense of betrayal (I did all the things I was supposed to do, WTF?), and the emptiness are products of not having a calling and mission or having a calling and mission – but being paralyzed by fear and unable to take action. Because our life’s calling, the reason we’re here is terrifying. It flies in the face of how our brains are wired.

Our brains don’t give a crap about purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. They care about keeping us alive and do a damn good job of it. Unfortunately, this is to the detriment of our souls and the overall quality of our lives.So we chase short-term fixes, which are nothing more than short-term escapes:We escape through the superficiality of social media, alcohol, drugs, affairs, porn, and binging on Netflix.  Something, anything, so we don’t have to confront the one person we can’t run from, the

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How to Unleash Your Full Potential and Live Your Extraordinary Life
One of our most significant desires is to connect with and unleash our full potential.We crave to stand in our power. We harbor this desire because it’s innate to us; it’s who we are at our center.We long and desire to embody and live from this place, yet we’ve been conditioned to do the opposite. To shrink, to hide, to not stand out from the crowd.The first word most babies hear is “Shh.”As we grow, we understand fitting in is easier than standing out. If we step outside the norm of our group, we risk being ridiculed and judged. It’s better to follow the slice of lemmings than step outside the flow and forge our own path. Our families, friends, and society erode our potential with the slow drip of phrases like,“Don’t be cocky.”“You can’t do that.”“No one likes a show-off.”“Who do you think you are?”“Remember where you came from.”And many more.Each of these unto themselves is merely a drip; collectively, they create a river, carving beliefs around how we believe we must show up to be safe. Because that’s all fitting in and hiding are, a bastion of safety in the “unsafe” world outside of our beliefs. At around the midpoint of our lives, we often find ourselves lost, frustrated, disillusioned, and longing for more, even if we’ve reached the pinnacle of professional and materialistic success. We begin to grasp how far we’ve traveled from our true selves and our full potential. We feel it growing inside, but we have no idea how to let it out. It lives, breathes, and rattles the cage of the self-imposed cell we’ve imprisoned it in. “The big challenge is to become all that you have the possibility of becoming.