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We Have 60,000 Thoughts Each Day: Here’s How to Generate Thoughts That Matter

This mind of ours never stops. Research shows that we humans produce some 60,000 thoughts each day. That extensive number of thoughts is an irrefutable consequence of our society’s obsessive need to be busy and distracted.Many of our thoughts are anything but productive, and we do very little to regulate our mind’s rapacious activity.

We allow our minds to be “future chasers” or “past dwellers.” They take us everywhere except for where it matters most — the present moment. We all have the ability to become more present, awake and aware. The challenge is training our minds to stop — really stop. The mind is prone to wander out of the present but we can train it to move away from the busyness in our heads through practicing Mindfulness. Practicing Mindfulness reins in our random thoughts and holds us in the present moment.

We all have the inherent ability to utilize Mindfulness by going inward and focusing on our breath. As we stay focused on the breath, we connect to the present and are able to look more deeply into what we’re actually feeling in the moment. Mindfulness reminds us that we’re here in this moment of “now.” It’s a state in which we’re observing our life unfold and becoming better able to experience it with clarity and acceptance. It allows us to intentionally bring our wandering mind into the present, liberates us from our emotional baggage and gives us a more balanced perspective. With a Mindfulness approach to every moment, we find ourselves eating more slowly and really tasting our food without rushing.

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