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Top 10 Stressors in Life (And How to Cope with Them) - Lifehack

Stress is a normal part of the human condition—a part that most of us would rather eliminate. Some people are more prone to feeling stress than others, and stress impacts people differently due to temperament, inborn personality traits, and how we’ve been taught (directly and indirectly) how to respond to challenging situations.

Some people are naturally more resilient, while others are more sensitive and reactive to stress.The good news is that although we can’t undo our natural wiring, studies indicate that we can take steps to improve how resilient we are. Spoiler alert: one such step is termed a “stress inoculation.”But before we discuss how we can improve our resilience and cope with the stressors that people face, we should first know what they are.

Below are the top ten stressors in life.Universally, this is probably the hardest event to go through. When someone close to us dies, we can feel a myriad of emotions and have difficulty finding our place in the world without that person in it.Grief is a complicated process that is not the same for everyone.

Coping with a loved one dying requires patience, understanding, and compassion for ourselves.Divorce or separation can be psychologically traumatic for many reasons, with many people experiencing shock, feeling powerless, betrayal, confusion, and heartbreak. Much like the death of a loved one, re-establishing your identity in the world can feel daunting.From the financial cost of moving, taking on the burden of a loan (sometimes for the first time), being in an unfamiliar environment to the rollercoaster process of actually buying or selling a home, moving, buying, or selling a home creates stress for even the calmest of people.

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