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Dear Nurse Monica, I Don’t Forgive You and I’m OK With That

Dear Nurse Monica,

2010, Royal Columbian Hospital, fifth floor, night shift. Remember? I was the bed-confined patient with the acquired brain injury who had just come from the critical care unit (CCU) for the third time. I was the patient who you felt was demanding and ungrateful, who rang the call bell too many times, who was a pain in your ass and needed to be disciplined. You probably don’t remember me, after 10 years. That actually kinda pisses me off, because I sure remember you. In fact, I can’t forget you. I can’t forget your abuse and how small and vulnerable and frightened I felt under your “care.” You still occasionally show up in my nightmares, and flashbacks of your cruelty continue to punctuate my life.

I’m supposed to forgive

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cancer diagnosis in 2014, she used her creativity to help her rise above crisis, which birthed some of her most transformative work. She shared some of her most sensitive memories about growing up with us, and we will pass along her inspiring message to you.  A post shared by Sophie Sabbage (@sophiesabbage) on Sophie often felt singled out because she had matured faster than other girls her age.

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