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Why You Should Write Down 100 Goals For 2021 And Beyond

Three years ago, I wrote down 100 goals in my journal. It was harder than I thought it would be.

Among these riveting goals that my young brain came up with were “Go to Coachella,” “Climb Everest,” and “Cook with Gordon Ramsay.” Absolutely riveting, I know. Despite these brainless entries, I did come up with a few goals that shaped my life today. I wrote “Go to the Philippines” in my journal–I now live in the Philippines full-time.

I wrote “Start a Youtube channel” as well, and now I have a bustling channel with 140,000 subscribers. The fact is, writing down 100 goals for my life three years ago gave me incredible direction. Given how much this simple exercise has helped me, I’m certain it can also help you, the reader. Got a pen? Good.

Gordon Ramsay