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How to Start Your Day Relaxed

There are a group of people in the world who are very lucky. These are the ones who never seem to worry about anything.

Stress washes over them, and they are able to just take whatever the world throws at them and deal with it, all the time keeping their blood pressure in check.For most of us, it’s a lot more work than that to keep calm and be relaxed even in our normal, day-to-day lives. With this in mind, we need to make an effort to try and adjust our habits to include some stress-relieving tricks and help us find a little calmer in our day.Experts agree that allowing the body to wake naturally is far better for you, and less stressful, than having a jarring alarm interrupt your beauty sleep.

Of course, that’s the ideal, but when there is a job to get to, and a family to get fed and out of the door, it’s just not practical. As a compromise, try and see if you can have at least one day a week when you can turn off the alarm and let the daylight gradually wake you. Just one day a week will give your body a break from the routine.Various studies have been done on how important it is to breathe ‘right’, so once you’re up, open a window and take a good few, deep breaths. Don’t worry if it’s raining or snowing, or if the sun’s beaming down.

The weather doesn’t matter. It’s getting that air into your lungs that’s the important thing. Obviously, if you live next to an overpass or similar, feel free to give this step a miss.“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths”.

– Etty HillesumMost of us enjoy a nice long soak in the bath, but it’s best to save that for the evening. In the morning, take a shower instead to help get the blood pumping. Don’t listen to the doom and gloom

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