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​​Don’t Ask for Permission or Forgiveness. Do This Instead

“Ask for forgiveness, not permission.”It’s an old adage that can be a tad controversial, but more importantly—neither is going to get you what you want. Plus this saying inherently means that people are going to be upset, and you’re going to have to deal with that. Not so fun.In the game of entrepreneurship and personal growth, it’s vital that you know the key things that will help you grow and the ones that will hinder your growth.

Giving your power away to someone else—that’s not going to cut it. Neither will thinking subconsciously that people (especially your inner circle) will be mad at you for making the right decision for yourself.Growing up, we ask our parents, our teachers, and other adult figures in our lives for all kinds of permission—to go to the zoo, to cross the street, even to go to the bathroom. In the United States, we’re not even allowed to regulate our own bodies until we go off to college in most academic settings.

But that mentality doesn’t just go away because you turn 18, get a job, or enroll in college. The truth is that we seek permission in all kinds of ways throughout the day, undermining our own authority, values, and voices. So it stands to reason that we would subconsciously seek permission as we grow our businesses or make major life decisions. The subconscious believes that if we get permission, then we can move forward with less resistance and more support. The downside is twofold.

When you ask permission, you’re not honoring what’s right and true for you. Yes, the interest is nice and it’s really fun to watch the people you love get excited about your idea. But being able to validate your own ideas and decisions first is key in developing your circle of support and owning your innate

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