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7 Tips to Becoming a Successful Networker

Corporate events have long been regarded as an important tool for broadening professional networks and expanding business. Yet it’s tough to stand out from the crowd when it comes to networking at these events. You’re not the only one at the event, which means you’re competing for attention with other attendees who are also trying to make a splash.The good news is that even at crowded conventions, workshops, fundraisers, and seminars, you can put your best foot forward.

Try the following suggestions to give yourself a powerful competitive advantage. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to your field, these tips will help you maximize the benefits of attending corporate events.You have a limited amount of time to meet and greet at events. Make the most of it by engaging in as many conversations as possible.

The goal? Don’t spend more than five minutes talking to any one person. Keep the conversation light and continuous, ensuring you listen more than you talk.What if the discussion is riveting? Wonderful! Explain that you’d like to talk further and exchange contact information. Carrying a business card with a QR code makes sharing names, numbers, and emails simple.

It’s much better to end a dialogue too early than to wear out your welcome.If you know the names of the other attendees, you’re in a prime position to make real networking strides. Set aside a couple of hours to scour LinkedIn and scribble notes. This could give you a reason to approach a specific individual or group.Let’s say one of the guest speakers recently received a few coveted awards.

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