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How to Spice Up Your Conversations: 4 Tips to Make Your Dates End in the Bedroom

There’s nothing worse than a boring conversation on a date you were really looking forward to. You entered the date finding her really attractive, but by the end of it, the spark isn’t quite there. While not all women will be compatible with you, most men typically suck at conversation and don’t know how to escalate an interaction.

If you’re already a great conversationalist who gets women obsessed with your words, then no need to keep reading. Otherwise, find out how you can have better dates through the power of conversation.

1. Be a leader

As a man, our job is to lead. We want the date to go from “hello” to something exciting in the bedroom. However, if we’re not making an effort to push the conversation towards the right direction, the girl is unlikely to help either.

Even though more women are feeling empowered through pop culture, we’re still very much in a society where men need to make the first move. A lot of women fear consequences to their reputation if they’re known as the ones making the first sexual advance.

Furthermore, men have been known to lead since the beginning of time. Leading is an attractive trait women love. Strong leaders stand out, and beautiful women go after them. Think ALPHA MALE. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to lead an interaction, especially towards sex.

2. Don’t be agreeable

Speak clearly, don’t be hesitant about your thoughts and most importantly, talk about what YOU want to talk about. If the girl says she loves rock music and you don’t, don’t become the biggest rock fan overnight. She can sense your dishonesty, which will give her red flags. Be true to yourself. In fact, disagreeing with the girl sometimes can not only spark sexual tension but create a more interesting

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