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How Going Old School Helps My Chronic Conditions

The twists and turns of life have a peculiar way of revealing themselves to you over a lifetime. Pay close attention to the patterns that show themselves in your life, as those are usually the things that will either heal or challenge you.

I have a lifelong friend who I have known since we were 3 and 5 years old — I’m the older of us. We have talked repeatedly over the years and laughed at the fact that we can go for long periods without directly communicating. Yet, when we convene again, it is as if no time has passed. We giggle, vent, dance, and talk — lots of talking — together.

Although we aren’t always present with each step of our lives’ journeys, we nearly always have bizarre parallels. I’m immensely grateful to have her in my life…then, now, and always.

My relationship with this particular friend got me thinking about other things that have been in my life for an eternity and have also been helpful in dealing with any woes I’ve faced in my life. There have been many — many woes and many things (and people) who have helped me cope.

Today, I’ll just focus on one – writing.

Journaling I have been a writer, lover of words, and expressive creator for as long as I can remember. I started a “diary,” now more commonly called a journal, when I was around 8. I was in second grade. My mother, an avid reader who passed on that love to me, gave me money to buy some books at my school book fair. It was always one of my favorite events of the year, and I was always one of the last kids in my class to be done at the fair… I often spent a lot of time in the library with our librarian.

I recall that year, I had chosen a diary before the book fair even started from the advertisement that had been sent home. I don’t recall how long

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