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Secrets to Personal Growth: 7 Strategies That Helped Me Become My Best Self

For years I felt like I was going through my life on autopilot. I would wake up early, immediately start work, and then wouldn’t stop until night, leaving me too exhausted to do anything but watch Netflix for the rest of my day. I spent my weekends doing activities I didn’t enjoy which would leave me feeling drained because I felt like I would let people down if I said “no.” Finally, after one particularly stressful week, I realized I hadn’t created the life I truly wanted.

I had financial security, an amazing husband, a sweet dog, a fantastic family, and a lovely apartment, but still, I wasn’t happy. our skin has never looked betterIf I wanted to feel my best and show up for the people I love, I needed to make some serious lifestyle changes. So over the course of a few months, I implemented habits that transformed my mood and my life. Not only did these habits make me happier, but they also improved my health and relationships.

Curious how you can get more joy from life? Keep reading to learn the seven simple strategies I used to help me become my best self.  We live in a society so focused on optimizing every activity that we often forget it’s OK to do things simply because we find them fun. Studies show that people with hobbies have fewer negative emotions and are less stressed than those without hobbies. Making time in your week for a little leisure not only makes you feel more zen, but it can also help you rediscover parts of yourself you’d forgotten or discover new aspects of yourself you didn’t know existed. I studied English in college, devouring 3-5 books a week.

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