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13 Products and Services for Doing Chores With Chronic Fatigue

With fewer spoons to work and do chores, many people with chronic fatigue can’t afford housekeeping services, nor the time and energy to maintain a healthy home environment via elbow grease. If you fall into this camp, or know someone who does, here are a few products and services that help me complete tasks around the home in a cost-effective and independent manner.

1.Robotic vacuum and mop

I was gifted a Roborock Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner for my birthday. Game. Changer. I have significant allergies to dust and dust mites, severe asthma and narcolepsy. Using a hand-vacuum myself kicks up a ton of allergens which triggers my asthma, and it’s so tiring I can only muster it once per week. At that rate, my nose remains stuffed and I wheeze

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