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How to Find And Choose a Career Coach That Fits You - Lifehack

Great Resignation, there are many opportunities for career professionals to get a raise or a promotion or find a better job. According to Statista, there were over 11.26 million open jobs in January of 2022.Leaders are no longer limited to working at jobs that don’t fulfill them. You can find work that aligns with your life goals and provides financial security.It’s vital to find fulfilling work because a majority of your time in life will be spent working in some form or another.

When you spend large amounts of time working a job you dislike (or hate), those negative feelings, emotions, and frustrations bleed into other areas of your life.Being an optimized career leader means you work to create harmony and balance in all parts of your life. When you’re working a job you dislike, you put yourself in a situation where you live two lives—the balance is off. You end up with your work life and the rest of your life, and that isn’t healthy.

The world is still resetting. Remote work, contract opportunities, and many available jobs make this an excellent time to find fulfilling work or rise within your current company. One way to speed up the process is by hiring the right career coach.A career coach is a professional that understands the current career landscape and has built strategies to help their clients secure jobs that align with their clients’ career goals.A good career coach studies industries for changes and adjusts their strategies to give their clients an edge.

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