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4 Crucial Life Lessons Rich Dad, Poor Dad Taught Me

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a must-read book for anyone wanting to create not only wealth for themselves, but wealth for their family. Every point made in the book is a part of a bigger blueprint on attaining financial freedom within your lifetime. Here are 4 points we think everyone should take away from it.Starting young is the point here.

A lot of parents let their kids learn about life the hard way and aren’t actively teaching them the skills needed to excel in society. It’s easy to be like the typical person. That’s why they’re called typical! However, to excel and achieve not only financial freedom, but freedom in all aspects of life, it takes what I call “conscious parenting”.

That’s something that the “rich dad” in the book did. He made sure to include valuable lessons in almost everything he did with his son. He never let a situation go by where he didn’t teach his son how to think for himself and uncover solutions.Too many parents miss this important step.

We need more people to understand that learning about the way the world works, how it rewards people, and how the financial system work will set your kids up for many generations to come. It just has to be incorporated into their life, starting at a young age!This is one of the most powerful investment vehicles around. Rich Dad, Poor Dad talks a lot about his journey when it comes to achieving financial wealth.

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