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Support from my local Mind helped me get my life back

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I first came to Mind a couple of years ago following a breakdown. I’d recently moved to Denbighshire, after an autism diagnosis that came in my late 40s.

I was dealing with severe anxiety and didn’t leave the house, preferring to stay at home with my pets.My autism diagnosis was a turning point in my life.

I’d always felt different and had been bullied in school, but I learned I’d been masking extremely well – I was in a band, and had worked around my hometown for years.My diagnosis was definitely an explanation for some of how I’d been feeling, and I began looking into autism and people who live with it, like Chris Packham and Christine McGuiness."That space to talk helped me to work things out for myself."I’d reached out to a local autism service, but the activities were geared towards people who were younger than me, and it felt as though I didn’t quite fit.

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