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Study: Prevalence of ADHD Lowest Among Non-Hispanic Asian Children

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July 14, 2021ADHD prevalence rates are lowest among Non-Hispanic Asian boys and girls, according to a recent Journal of Attention Disorders study.1 Prevalence of ADHD was 11.3% among non-Hispanic White children and 10.7% among non-Hispanic Black children — significantly higher than the 2.2% prevalence rate found among non-Hispanic Asian children in the study.

Prevalence was also higher in male participants compared to females across all racial-ethic groups.Data was drawn from the 2004 to 2018 National Health Interview Survey for 120,129 children aged 5 to 17.Non-Hispanic White children had higher ADHD prevalence rates than did Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Asian children, but they had prevalence rates similar to Non-Hispanic Black and.

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