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Study: Only 1 in 10 Children with ADHD Will Outgrow Symptoms

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August 30, 2021Most children with ADHD won’t outgrow the disorder, according to a study published this month in The American Journal of Psychiatry1 that challenges the widely held notion that ADHD symptoms do not commonly persist into adulthood.Findings from the study, which followed 558 children with ADHD from the Multimodal Treatment Study of ADHD (MTA) over 16 years, show that only 9.1% of subjects “recovered” from ADHD by the study endpoint, when most participants were about 25 years old.The study also found that ADHD symptoms wax and wane over time for many individuals who continue to experience the disorder. “The results suggest that over 90% of individuals with childhood ADHD will continue to struggle with residual, although.

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