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Sleeping Struggles? 10 Easy & Effective Tips to Try

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Well, I have some suggestions…Does your mind spiral and run riot when you lie down to sleep? If so, Mindful Moments may help.If we do this, if we syphon off some of the roaring thoughts that live in all of our monkey minds, then they won’t ambush us the moment our head hits the pillow.If you have worries waking you up at 3 am, maybe they need somewhere to be released in the day.

Mindful Moments give you that.We can stop and take the time to appreciate our surroundings and be here now. The sound which could be irritating can become an exercise in letting go or can become a sound-scape: a landscape of sound.

Do the sounds, smells, textures or sights around you bring up any images or feelings for you? We are just expanding our awareness, not.

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