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Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend? (18 Reasons – YES & 14 Reasons – NO)

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talk about break up with him.In a relationship, both partners take care of each other needs. They could be psychological or emotional needs.You want someone who can protect you, listen to you, have great understanding, be available when you need him.But if you feel like he is not fulfilling any of your needs, then part ways out.In both cases, the result is, he is not that one person you are looking for.Instead, if someone else gives you comfortability and fulfills them better than he does, he might be the one.Now we are not emphasizing you to cheat.

If you don’t feel relaxed with your boyfriend, but with someone else, talk to him. It would be a good idea to break up but in a healthy way.Trust and security are amongst the core values of a.

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