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Self-Esteem: Are You Actually That Bad?

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It’s pretty obvious that every one of us wants to feel that oh-so-popular “high self-esteem”, right?It’s drilled in us since we’re little to feel confident, to feel good about ourselves, and to “know who we are!”We see books, websites, podcasts and posts all dedicated to self-esteem.Think about the most common advice you usually hear about how to get high self-esteem?1.

Do something for someone else to feel good about yourself2. Think about your achievements3. Be unique (because you’re special!)Despite all this advice, why do so many people have low self-esteem?Want me to explain?Self-Esteem Is Naturally Inside Of YouFirstly self-esteem is naturally inside of you.

A lot of people think you have to DO something or BE someone in order to EARN self-esteem. The truth is that it’s already inside of you.

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