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Selena Gomez Speaks Candidly About Her Bipolar in New Interview

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Triple-threat multiplatinum singer/actress/producer Selena Gomez recently sat for an interview for the September cover of ELLE Magazine, titled “The Return of Selena Gomez,” in which she didn’t shy away from discussing her bipolar disorder. “I felt a huge weight lifted off me when I found out [I have bipolar],” she tells the mag. “I could take a deep breath and go, OK, that explains so much.’” These days, there seems to be barely any stigma about coming out as bipolar — if you’re a celebrity, at least.

Among the living, we who have bipolar are in splendid company: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kanye West, David Harbour, Scott Stapp, Linda Hamilton and Richard Dreyfuss all have bipolar disorder.

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