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Remove Resistance and Reframe your Stress

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If you feel as though circumstances have you backed into a corner, it’s time to reassess. If you’re sick of your situation — your partner is driving you up the wall, you’re frustrated with your job, you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed — realize that the stress and frustration you’re experiencing has nothing to do with what’s happening right now in this minute.

The stress you’re experiencing is a resistance to what is. Instead of focusing on the right-here-now moment, the focus of your thoughts is on the projected and imaginary future state in which your current situation remains the same, or is worse.

Stress comes from the anticipation that there’s no end in sight. Take any stressful situation you have going on and ask yourself: “Where does the misery exist?” Is it here in this moment, or is it when you’re thinking about the imminent journey that this situation may travel, extending the misery and the strife?

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