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“Remembering to Remember: Easing the Working-Memory Strain on Students with Learning Differences”

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learning differences and ADHD, the vast array of digital memory aids can actually add to the overwhelm rather than ease the load.James*, a student with dyslexia and ADHD, describes the digital onslaught that greets him every day: “I wake up to one of the multiple alarms on my phone.

Because I’ve got so many alarms now, my mind has started to ignore them. When I eventually get out of bed, I switch on my laptop, and the same thing always happens: I’m hit by an onslaught of emails from my college and tutors reminding me of assignments to hand in (or in my case, overdue assignments), changes to my timetable, updates to the college website – the list is endless.”He continues: “When one tutor sends an email, they think they are being helpful.

But when I get 10 ‘helpful’ emails a day, my brain is set to explode. To be honest, I just ignore them all now because it’s too much for me to process.

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