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Q: “Why Does the Fear of Failure Paralyze My Teen?”

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Q: “Why does the fear of failure keep my teenage son with ADHD from getting his work done?” — NebraskaMomHi NebraskaMom:The fear of underperforming or failing is a very common obstacle for many teens, especially those with executive functioning challenges or ADHD.

Due to the sheer nature of ADHD, the ability to complete tasks and assignments is daunting or overwhelming. Understanding the intricate interplay between ADHD and your son’s fear is essential to helping him navigate his academic journey.Imagine a busy train station where trains full of “concentration” are meant to depart on time.

But the train station is overflowing with thoughts, ideas, impulses, etc. You get it. For those with ADHD, the “concentration” trains are often derailed or delayed due to all those distractions.

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