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Q: “Why Does My Son Melt Down When It’s Time to Study?”

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Q: “My son is fine finishing a Spanish vocabulary assignment or math sheet due the next day. However, if he needs to study for a test, he has a major meltdown and shuts down.

He seems so burdened and overwhelmed. Why is he able to do his homework but not study? What can I say to make studying easier for him?” — StudyHelpMomDear StudyHelpMom:This question resonates with me as I spend all day working with my student-coaching clients on study skills.

That means not only teaching them HOW to study but also helping them understand what “studying” means and that they have (for the most part) complete choice and control over how to accomplish it.Let me explain.My students, especially those with ADHD and executive functioning challenges, often express frustration over the rigid rules around how and when a homework assignment needs to be completed. (Excluding those with IEPs or 504s who receive certain modifications or accommodations.) Mostly, they are given instructions to follow with little to no wiggle room to complete their assignments in a manner that works for them.

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