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Q: “What Rewards Will Motivate Good Behavior from My Child?”

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Q: “How do I keep my child interested in rewards for good behavior? He seems to lose interest in rewards after a few weeks, even if they were greatly appealing to him at first.

Does ADHD have anything to do with it? How can I ensure that rewards remain effective and motivating over time?”It’s not in your head — there is growing evidence that children with ADHD differ from their neurotypical peers in their sensitivity to rewards.

For many children with ADHD, a far-away reward won’t work to reinforce desired behaviors. That means you’ll almost certainly have to adjust how you approach and set up rewards to encourage desired behaviors in your child.The more you understand about ADHD brains and the factors that influence reward effectiveness therein, the better you’ll get at troubleshooting and engineering effective motivators for your child.Each reward type has its pros and cons, and what is effective for your child may not work for another.

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