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Q: My Husband is Opposed to Medicating Our Son for ADHD

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DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION FOR RYAN WEXELBLATT?Ask your question about ADHD in boys here!Q: “My husband is against treating our son’s ADHD with Ritalin as he believes it will do more harm than good – his assumptions are based on the stories of people abusing Ritalin for recreational purposes.

Our biggest challenge with our son is his non-stop talk and what comes across as being rude/cheeky talk – I am almost certain this is ADHD presenting itself in our son, and I would love to trial the medication.

I want to know the effects of not treating vs. treating. Our doctors could not give me any literature or leaflets, which makes it hard to try explain.”A: “If ADHD medication has been recommended for part of treatment for your son, there is a reason

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