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“Q: I Think I Have ADHD. My Parents Don’t.”

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NervousHi Nervous:I want to applaud you for reaching out and asking for help. Even for adults, it’s not easy to identify the right course of action or the most appropriate next steps when you think you have ADHD.

I would imagine it’s even harder for a child. I’m sure you are feeling lonely, nervous, and confused.Since I don’t know why you think you might have ADHD (what symptoms you are experiencing) or if someone (such as a teacher or counselor) has said anything to you, I want to make sure you are as educated as possible on the subject.[Get This Free Guide: How Is ADHD Diagnosed?]I believe that knowledge is power, so I urge you to read up on everything you can about ADHD so that, when you do approach your parents, you are informed and.

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