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Q: “How Do Doctors Decide Which ADHD Medication to Prescribe First?”

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Q: “With so many ADHD medications on the market, how do doctors decide which medication to try first on someone who is newly diagnosed?

Is there a tried-and-true process doctors use to get to the right medication and dosage for a patient?”Each clinician has their own way of determining the right ADHD medication and dosage for a patient.

A common approach (and the one I use) is the following:[Get This Free Download: Comparison Chart of Stimulants & Non-Stimulants]Decades of research indicate that methylphenidate is as effective as amphetamine, but more easily tolerated as it comes with fewer side effects, which is why methylphenidate is commonly prescribed first.1 Long-acting methylphenidate provides most patients with the all-day coverage they need, though I may prescribe a short-acting preparation during key points of the patient’s day, like in the morning to jump-start the beneficial effects of medication as the child gets ready for school, or as the medication is wearing off to extend the duration of the initial long-acting medication.We start a patient with a low dose and adjust dose upward from there to ensure that there is optimum benefit with minimal or no side effects.

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