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Q: “Can We Request Another IEP Meeting If Accommodations Aren’t Working?”

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Q: “It’s a few months into the school year, and it is clear that my third grader’s IEP isn’t working. I’ve spoken to the school, and they agree that changes would be beneficial.

However, we just had her annual IEP meeting last May. Do we have to wait for her next IEP meeting to make changes?”A: Annual IEP meetings are a minimum, and you have the right to convene an IEP meeting at any time, not just once a year.

That said, it is not always necessary to hold a meeting to make changes to an IEP. If you and the school agree that changes are needed, these can be made in writing without a meeting.The school should add these changes to the existing IEP and share a copy of the updated IEP with you.

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