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“Q: Can We Adapt the Pomodoro Technique for My Teen with ADHD?”

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Q: “My son is 13 and needs constant breaks while doing homework. He tells me that he just can’t seem to focus too long on one thing and needs to shut his brain down for a little bit while he’s working.

What does he mean by this? Can you help me to understand?” — MominVAHi MominVA:Kudos to your son for knowing that he needs to “shut down his brain” for short periods of time while doing homework.

My feeling is that, if he is sitting in one place for too long without any breaks or effort-level transitions while working, he might be experiencing what I call “brain drain.”Let me explain.In my work as an academic/life coach for students with ADHD, I see first-hand that most students can’t keep their brain on a high-effort level (which is what is.

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