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Psychology Explains Why It’s So Difficult to Heal After a Breakup

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When you break up with someone, you lose their support just as you enter a challenging period in your life. This entire time, you’ve been able to come to that person for support and love when you needed it.

And now that you’re nursing a broken heart, they’re out of the picture, and you can’t go to them anymore!If you’ve gotten used to your former partner’s undying support, you’ll now feel even more vulnerable without it.

This can make things feel even more raw and painful as you struggle to pick something up. Sure, you’ll have external support from other loved ones in your life, but the vulnerability you shared with your partner will likely be the kind of support you missed most.On top of that, less healthy relationships may have an unhealthy attachment, causing you to rely too much on your partner for your happiness and emotional health.

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