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Study Reveals That Gen Z Is Saying No to Dairy Products

alternatives at restaurants or coffee shops. At home, they still consumed dairy products. ADVERTISEMENT Twelve percent of all consumers admitted to only ordering plant-based alternatives in public and then reverting to dairy at home.

8% of people of all age groups say they feel ashamed to order dairy with tea and coffee at restaurants. They cited peer pressure as the main reason for choosing alternatives.However, Arla’s research shows the need for a balanced approach to the ideal diet. The company says people have started cherry-picking data instead of considering the entire food production process.

Making hasty decisions based on what’s trendy isn’t always smart regarding health. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT For example, 36% of respondents said they had formed opinions based on information on social media. 55% said they used social media regularly to make decisions, not just about diet.  While 70% of Gen Z reported, they would prefer to continue drinking dairy products, around 57% planned to give it up within a year.

Perhaps peer pressure and social media have played a role in this decision.Many people feel conflicted about how to eat in today’s world. However, Arla’s 2,100 farmers hope to provide clarity on the issue and make people feel better about consuming dairy. Perhaps eliminating dairy works best for some people, but others may benefit from the nutritional value of cow’s milk.Wilkins said this:According to their research, around 12% of people consider only the environmental footprint of food when making dietary choices.

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